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The Visalus auto ship is a scam don't do it!!!.they continue to charge you and ship unwanted product even after you have cancelled you order they have shipped to me twice after I cancelled. the most recent time I called them and ask them to cancel a shipment for which the payment had not yet been processed they said the product had shipped I asked for the tracking number so that I could verify it and I was told there was no UPS tracking lie.

I now have refuse the package and wait who knows how long to get my money back.

Visalus cannot be trusted!!!

Monetary Loss: $116.

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San Diego, California, United States #1203323

This company is a total scam!

I placed an order for a bag of shake mix for $62.62 on Saturday August 6, 2016. One hour later I realized that their shake contains soy to which I am allergic.

I went back on their website and try to cancel the order and the option to do so did not exist.

I then tried calling them but they are closed on week-ends.

I called them first thing on Monday August 8 to cancel the order before it shipped and also to ask them to remove me from the monthly autoship/auto bill I had signed for. The customer service representative (Nastya) told me that it was not a problem, that the item will not be shipped to me, that my credit card would be refunded within 2 to 3 business day via Paypal and that my monthly autoship subscription had been cancelled.

At the end of the day I received an email from UPS informing me that Visalus had shipped the product and that I would be receiving it within the next 3 days.

On Tuesday August 9, I contacted Visalus and talked to Philip, a customer service representative to demand that they provide me with a shipping label via email so that I return the product promptly. He informs me that I will be receiving the label via regular mail within the next 5 days.

Needless to say that I started to feel uneasy with this business. So I waited another week for a shipping label that never arrived and contacted them again and this time talked to Angie who claimed that on her computer she read that I had been denied a shipping label and that I should pay for the return of the product I never wanted in the first place in order to receive a full refund. I asked her to send me an email confirming that I will receive a full refund upon reception of the product and that I would not hang up until after I received the email which I did receive. The next day I returned the product with a copy of the email promising me a full refund.

5 days later I receive a confirmation of the refund from Paypal but it is NOT a full refund but a partial one for the amount of $53.99 and under Note from Merchant I read the following:Your monthly delivery will charge and ship every 5th of each month. Unbelievable! I had cancelled my subscription 3 times over the phone and yet they still try to ship me a product to which I am allergic! I contacted my credit card company who recommended that I contact Paypal to prevent Visalus from charging my account the following month and so forth.

Paypal immediately blocked Visalus for any future charges and their fraud department is investigating them to prevent future consumers from being scammed. Paypal is also requesting that they reimburse me the full amount of the purchase. This faithful transaction wasted $10.97 of my hard earned money to return the product to them as well as 4 hours of endless negotiations with their highly rude and aggressive customer service representatives. Lesson learned.

the only way to prevent endless charges to your account is by simply cancelling your account if you are not paying through Paypal.

Contact your local BBB. We need to get such unlawful business practices out of our country and those who run them in jail for ruining us and spoiling our quality of life and health by trying to right a wrong!

Fredericksburg, Texas, United States #596329

I assume the 9 people who responded to another autoship complaint are all Visalus pushers. It is an MLM (read: pyramid scheme) based company so they all have a vested interest in silencing those who complain.

I also cancelled my autoship several times. The last time I cancelled, logged out, logged back in and the autoship was reset. I called and supposedly had a customer service rep delete my account and send me a confirmation email. Never received the email and my account (and autoship) are STILL THERE.

I followed their plan to the letter -- logged every single calorie I consumed -- and GAINED weight. Now I'm learning I'm not the only one this happened to. I have a pantry full of this cr@p because I can't get out of the autoship.

Beware of this company and their product.

to Unhappy and heavier #601074

Cancel your credit card authorization for Visalus

to Unhappy and heavier Fraser, Michigan, United States #610028

When you cancel out your autoship online you have to do the little 5 question survey at the end for it to save. Also, make sure you are calling the corporate customer service number (877-visalus) as I've found other phone numbers through searches that claim to be visalus customer service but are not.

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