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I canceled my ViSalus membership in March 2012 and they did not charge my credit card or send any product in April 2012. But all of a sudden 5/31/12 they charged my visa check card $115.68.

I contacted them immediately and they stated to just return the product when it arrives and they would refund my entire balance they withdrew without authorization. Well I returned the product and here we are 7/13/12 and guess what ViSalus is saying now - they are not refunding my money!! This is complete Fraud and a Scam and they have stolen $115.68 from my checking account and now have the product returned UNOPENED. I contacted the NC State Employees Credit Union, whom my visa check card is with, and the VP there actually warned me that if I return the product, they probably will keep your money too - boy he was right.

You can't trust a multi-level-marketing company. The NCSECU have also been trying to work with this company, but they are refusing to give me the money they stole from me. Please refund my $115.68 as you have my money and the product - not good business.

I am filing complaints with Attorney General in Michigan and the BBB. People need to beware of this company.

Monetary Loss: $115.

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I was scammed too. My sponsors kept insisting that I would get a refund if I was not satisfied. But they lied to me. They told me I had 90 days. I told them I wanted a refund after 20 days and they convinced me to stay in and give it a chance, since I supposedly had 90 days.

Well, 90 days go by and Visalus says I missed my chance. I had to get the refund before 30 days. They say too bad when I told them I was lied to by my sponsor.

My sponsor and upline will not talk to me any more.


I don't care if it didn't happen to you. It happened to me and nobody wants to take responsibility for it. :(

Willmar, Minnesota, United States #671317

I find it very easy to extend suspend or opt out of ViSalus' auto ship program. I teach every one Vi 101.

And that is where they have control of their auto ship. You as a consumer need to take responsibility and DO IT! You do NOT have to write a letter, or make a phone call. It is all on YOUR customer website.

If you do not have a customer website then you have directly purchased from someone or off another not Vi authorized site. That is where you lose your "Support".

And as always, when making suspensions or cancelations online go change you cc# to avoid any mistakes. SEE you on the CHALLENGE!

Garden City, Idaho, United States #634064

You made ONE call for a remedy???? Call again!!! You well get it resolved!!!

Biloxi, Mississippi, United States #630763

I have been involved with this Company for a year. I love the products and have NEVER had one single problem with an order, canceling or otherwise.

Not sure why you had an issue but I have had great results with customer service. And I have assisted a few people in canceling their autoship. No problem their either. P.S.

THEY HAVE NEVER BEEN LATE PAYING ME MY MONTHLY COMMISSION EITHER!! Sometimes they even surprise us and pay us early. To each their own I guess. Sorry you had a negative experience.

Best wishes!


If you paid with a VIsa Check Card, you should be able to do a charge back and get your money back.


I may have a possible solution for you...not weight loss related either...Call Carrie 5202378545

to Carrie Cambridge, Ontario, Canada #592916

hahaha...yeah..more mlm shiet:)


Hey folks,

I have been using Visalus for almost a year (and my family really likes it). In February of this year, I started to promote in addition to my other businesses.

I have always found Visalus support staff to be prompt and courteous. I have never had a personal customer not get their money back or product back.

I do agree that Visalus could make it easier to cancel an order online, however, it can always be done by phone.

All you have to do is call 1.877.847.2547 (1.877.VISALUS).

Have either your order number ready, or your customer ID. If you are a promoter, then your promoter ID.

Most people simply do not pay attention to their monthy expenses and bills. Visalus auto-ship is no different than your electricity or water bill. If you do not disconnect, that bill is coming.

I personally perfer autoship and I wish I could put all of my groceries on some sort of autoship so my groceries just showed up at my house.

In short. Visalus is not a scam. It has grown 3300% in the last 3 years. Visalus has filed for an IPO and will have their own stock symbol on the NYSE. There are scams on the stock exchange like Enron, but you can count on Visalus being here for the long haul.

If you look hard enough, you can find people that will complain about almost anything. I also bet that there are one or two unpleased customers with McDonalds, Walmart, etc.

If you want to contact me directly, you can email me at pc[at]body90[dot]com.

to Visalus is just fine if you Ju #594573

Visalus clearly states that you need to send them a 30 day written notice.

to NGB22 Saint John's, Newfoundland And Labrador, Canada #609413

In my case, I don't think I have to give them 30 days written notice, when I only signed up for a 3 month recurring order. I had to cancel my VISA to make sure I won't be billed again.


Hi I'd like to know why you cancelled your membership. I was thinking about joining :/

to ***cerned Garden City, Idaho, United States #634066

most ppl treat Vi as a diet. Vi is not a diet, you still have go eat and drink plenty of water.

they probobly didnt get the results they wanted. I love the Vi life, the nutrition alone is worth it

to ***cerned #982779

Do not join this company! Take my advice..

to ***cerned #1040461

I am in the process of cancelling my membership. ViSalus is a good weight loss program.

You would have to try it to determine what works best for you. Unfortunately I felt it wasn't the best plan for me. I feel I lost more weight with weight watchers but even that weight loss program isn't for everyone. Try it for 90 days to determine if it is the right plan for you.

At least you would end the curiosity and it just might be the weight loss plan you like best. Good luck!


how can I cancel my membership? does anyone know what steps to take?




I was a ViSalus Representative until just recently. This Company is a SCAM.

They would double charge my credit card twice, this happened 3 times in 6 months, when I called their rep services, when someone finally answered the phone I simply was told, "to bad." I finally contacted my credit card company and was issued a credit. This companies business practices should be investigated.

to Jim -- Battle Creek, MI Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #603280

That is so untrue. I have never had a problem with this company. They take care of me every time I have called.

to Jim -- Battle Creek, MI Dallas, Texas, United States #629343

This is complete ***. Visalus is one of the best companies I have ever been affiliated with.

I have called on behalf of myself and my promoters and customers and have never had one single negative issue. They have always been more than gracious and helpful and eager to resolve any issue. It is sad that people are lazy and dont take personal responsibility in reading about services the join.

Understand how the program works and what actions are necessary to cancel if needed. I have been affiliated with Visalus over 2 years and do have 1 complaint.

to ViLifer Victoria, British Columbia, Canada #641731

Spoken like a true promoter. Just because it didn't happen to you, you assume that it didn't happen.

My experiences have be an horrible Lies. Delays. Refusal to answer or even admit that they had received written correspondence. I actually had to cancel my credit card in order to stop additional charges.

Long after I did that they inadvertently reveled that they had NOT deleted my CC information as they had stated. NEVER GIVE THEM YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER!!!! They use it as a license to steal. When they make a mistake they don't like to make good on it.

The only way I got any (and not great) results was through a BBB complaint. Another MLM scam.

And for any of you who claim it is not an MLM, you got sold a bill of goods. Watch out!

to DougMau Calgary, Alberta, Canada #890766

Yup had to cancel my card too. I think the promoters turn on/enforce autoship whether you select it or not.very rude customer service.

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